Skinner Co. #15 – Collared

Skinner Co #14 – Corporate Heavy Metal

Skinner Co. #11 – Downsizing

Skinner Co. #10 – Harry Lime’s Gum-less Sticky Notes

Skinner Co. #8 – Seeing Red

Skinner Co. #7 – The Hughes Protocol

Skinner Co. #5 – Office Hang-Ups

Skinner Co. #4 – Mo’ Tribbles, Mo’ Troubles

Skinner Co. Act I

I posted this on the Skinner Co. facebook page a while ago. It’s the first of the weekly Skinner Co.  comics that I’ve been working on.

There was a bit of a hiatus around Christmas, followed by the fuckering of my computer (which has also slowed down production), but I’m hoping things are back on schedule. I’d like to start posting the comics here when they come out, but to begin with I should probably post the comics to date so far…

So here’s Skinner Co. #1