Hey, since we’re already talking about it…

So, yesterday I posted my Fallout Westeros pic, today I have another ASoIaF doodle for you that just happens to be of my favourite pairing.

You can’t ignore the Bromance between Sandor & Stranger. (er…not the creepy kind, though)


I love that they both have shifty eyes ❤

Only sorta kinda embarrassed about this…

Eh…so anyone who knows me knows how I loves me some Song of Ice and Fire. I never been much for joining fandoms, but I have to admit I’ve been suckered in. Someone out there in the inter-nether requested a Fallout/Westeros crossover, and embarrassingly, I actually found myself sketching it out.

So here’s my dirty fandom secret: Sansa & The Hound: Fallout style!