I’ve come down with a touch of MURDER

Guess what I came across today? Concept art for the Murder Plague serial! Enjoy!




JRD was suggesting to me that I post a series of images taken from the Ruby Departed notebook. Sounds like a great idea, but there’s really not that many images in the notebook. :/

This is the illustration I did for the Flash Pulp 73, Ruby Departed: Neighbours three parter. It’s actually modeled after a very specific location in Ottawa, Canada.

‘Till Kar’Wick Rises

Hey there folks!

A¬†few Flash Casts back I mentioned that I was working on a new Kar’Wick – and here it is!


I would love to get a t-shirt printed of this. Or maybe in red as opposed to black? Who would be interested in getting t-shirts if they were available?

The Zombie King

How did I go so long without posting this on here?!


Again, not the best scan and no ink, but here’s my favourite character sketch of Macbeth from the Joe Monk serial

The Glorious

Remember a while back I said I was thinking of t-shirt designs? I want this embroidered on a polo shirt.

Collective Detective

As you guys probably have realized, the Collective Detective has no serial image. I drew a rough-ish sketch out for it a while ago, but I’ve had second thoughts about what the image is going to be.

This was my original attempt…

It didn’t scan as nicely as I would have liked and it’s not inked so it’s a little difficult to see all the lines, but you get the idea.

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