Skinner Co. #15 – Collared

Skinner Co #14 – Corporate Heavy Metal

Working On The Next Skinner Co.

I decided to photograph the various stages of creating today’s Skinner Co .

If you’d like to see the whole comic, head over to

I work with five layers in adobe photoshop.

      • The bottom layer is a white background.
      • The second layer is the text box where I write the memo.
      • Layer three is the the line that separates the comic from the text box and the website/copyright info.
      • The fourth layer is the colour, but only work on this layer when the last layer is done.
      • The top layer is the rough sketch/ink layer. I draw the concept of the comic, then fix up the lines as I go.

Skinner Co. #11 – Downsizing

Back to the Fuuuuuture!

So, I had a chance to work on some art projects over the last week.

I had previously posted a little something I had done up for Rich The Time Traveller (our chief Chrononaut) and I finally got it coloured. This is my first ~real~ attempt at working with an airbrush, so I hope it turned out well.

Skinner Co. #10 – Harry Lime’s Gum-less Sticky Notes

Skinner Co. #9 – Partying For Science

Skinner Co. #8 – Seeing Red

Skinner Co. #7 – The Hughes Protocol

Skinner Co. #6 – Eschering In A New Paradigm

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