Flash(3)(P)ulp-(O)h my!

The Blackhall Tales

So I’ve worked on a couple of projects  since my last post, but I’ve actually got a few things to put up here before I show you anything new.

It’s been busy here over the last week and our internet abandoned us last Friday – although we sent out many heartfelt pleas seeking its safe return; its slow and, at best, unreliable service only meekly limped home today. Needless to say, it left me feeling vulnerable and disconnected.
I know I said I would share my 3PO panel with you guys. Mr. Ben Rankle was kind enough to feature it on his site today, and to let me know that he wouldn’t sue me if I posted it here. I encourage everyone to visit the page and tell him how *wonderful* the comic is. I’m pretty thrilled.

I’ve also been tasked with making some new illustrations for JRD’s Flash Pulp short-fiction page. My zombie picture should be making its debut soon, and I’ve done the ground work on a new Blackhall image. It’s still a little rough in its initial stage, but if there’s one thing my grade 6 math teacher drilled into me – it’s to always show your work.

Three Panel Opera Turns 1

So, I recently started reading Three Panel Opera, by Ben Rankle.

Today the comic celebrates its 1st birthday. Huzzah!

I’d heard of the comic before – can’t really remember where or when, but it was probably from one of the webcomics weekly guys or something. It was, never the less, a long journey to actually get to Ben’s site.

this picture reminds me of the savage Opopanax-bird

While reading (was it chainsawsuit? xkcd?) a few weeks ago, I came across a banner with an interesting image, so I clicked on it (something I never do). That brought me to the comic Witch Knots, by Ira Marcks, witch (<- on purpose) I really enjoyed.Feeling bold, I decided to click on *another* link (i’m so bad-ass), and that brought me to Riverside, by Rhys McDonald. Thoroughly liking his art, I poked around at his site for quite some time.

….That’s where it happened for me.  I stumbled across a guest strip Rhys did for TPO recently (May 20th, hey! that’s recent-ish), so I decided to finally check it out. See, you only need to tell me twice for me to pay attention. Since then I’ve read *all* the strips and quite enjoyed Ben’s random wednesday drawings. I feel lucky for finding the strip when I did. I’ve read the backlog, and I’m all set for year number two. Keep up the great work Ben!


As a side note, part of my excitement over TPO can be attributed to a comic panel I’ve drawn for it. Being the shameless fan-girl that I am, after liking the site I found Ben on Twitter. Now, let me just say, I enjoy twitter…but I do feel kinda stalker-ish following people who don’t know me. So, anyway, Ben (am i getting too familiar? would Mr. Rankle be better?) tweeted the other day that he’s looking for people to draw guest strips this week. This lit up the lightbulb in my heart. I immediately got to work on a strip with the intention of submitting it for review.

I’m rather pleased with the comic (I’ll post it up here sometime soon – if that’s okay? am I able to do that with someone else’s intellectual property?)….


Here’s the truth, people. I love drawin’ me some comics, but I don’t have anything ‘out there’ yet. I’d love to send Ben Rankle a panel and have him think it’s great, but I just don’t think I’m good enough yet. Dude’s not looking for one of his comic’s readers to do some fanart for him. He’s looking for other artists *with their own webcomics* to guest for him. Maybe when I’ve got a year of consistency  under my belt, I’ll feel a little better about considering myself an artist as well. But as it stands now, I think i’d probably be setting myself up for disappointment if I tried to submit anything to anyone for review. Still, it was a fun project – and i’ll share it with you sometime. 🙂

Oh yeah, the blog….

Wow, do I ever feel guilty for how long I’ve left my blog unattended.  In fact, I feel so guilty about the wait that it’s made me put off posting here sooner. It’s not even like I haven’t been doing things, either. Just today I started two projects, completed one of them, and finished work on a third, outstanding project. Not bad. Now if only I could be consistent.

This is the aforementioned ‘third, outstanding project’. It’s just a little doodle I did a while ago. I had an Ella Fitzgerald song stuck in my head. 🙂 It’s taken me forever to actually sit my butt down and ink it with adobe, but it’s done and I’m happy with it. Really that’s all that counts.