Redecorating & Killing Chipmunks

Ruminating today on how I want my site to look. Not very pleased with the limited amount of themes blogger is presenting so I think I’ll work on something myself. I have an idea but it might take some experimenting on the computer.

Speaking of which, I’ve been meaning to better acquaint myself with Adobe Photoshop since I’ve been working with it lately. Y’know, maybe take it out for dinner and a few drinks before I decide to commit. It’s been suggested to me that I take a tour of the site, so I’m pretty excited about that. My sister-in-law also just sent me some information about a university program for 3D Animation, Art and Design. It sounds like something I may enjoy. If anyone out there has taken any similar program I’d certainly love some input on how it has panned out for them.

So I’ve had a little time today to scan some things onto the laptop. This comic is one I drew a few days ago. I frequently take walks with the baby and I often see the neighbor’s dogs roaming the countryside around our house. This day in particular one of them decided to give me a present. I guess I’m making a good impression on them. Good doggies. pat pat.