Skinner Co. #15 – Collared

Skinner Co #14 – Corporate Heavy Metal

Working On The Next Skinner Co.

I decided to photograph the various stages of creating today’s Skinner Co .

If you’d like to see the whole comic, head over to

I work with five layers in adobe photoshop.

      • The bottom layer is a white background.
      • The second layer is the text box where I write the memo.
      • Layer three is the the line that separates the comic from the text box and the website/copyright info.
      • The fourth layer is the colour, but only work on this layer when the last layer is done.
      • The top layer is the rough sketch/ink layer. I draw the concept of the comic, then fix up the lines as I go.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the…hedge?

JRD recently got me copies of the Hedge Knight, The Sworn Sword, and The Mystery Knight graphic novels. *swoon*

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about <!> – these are the short stories written by George RR Martin about Dunk & Egg (prequels to ASoIaF, if you will).

I’ve finished reading The Hedge Knight, and am about halfway through The Sworn Sword. The artwork is fantastic. It’s done by the Dable Brothers, who happen to have also put out the Wheel of Time: New Spring comic, which was similarly amazing.

Anyone who follows me has probably picked up on my love of birds, so it will be no surprise that my two favourite images in The Hedge Knight are avian. :>

Allow me to share my love

The image to the left has a special place in my heart, however, as I’ve always pictured the Opopanax as being a bird with blue and red plumage much like this one, but more similar in size to a peacock.

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