Workin’ On A Theme

I haven’t put anything on paper today, but I’ve been poking about for some inspiration for my site. Like I mentioned before, I haven’t found a nice theme yet, so I’ve been planning on using some of my own artwork as a banner and maybe making up some kind of background image. I’m going to have to start with pencil (as always), but I’d like to finish it with acrylic paint or maybe watercolor (or both?).

I found some images on google to start me off. I always find it easier to have a starting image to adapt. I’m not exactly sure of what the composition will look like when it’s done, so I’ve gotten images in various poses. I don’t really know the basic body structure of a bird, so it helps to have pictures when trying to judge on whether or not the scale is correct. I especially like the picture of the plumage and how it shows the wide array of color in the seemingly white feather. I’m excited about trying to duplicate that look. We’ll see how it goes…

Also, as a side note, I found this picture while searching the google. Maybe not the best fit for my theme, but it’s adorable and I love it so.