That stuff I was talking about….

I spent some time yesterday working on the Red King. I wanted to paint it using watercolour, but I ended up using Photoshop instead. I get really nervous about painting works that I’m especially proud of. You can’t un-paint something, and I get anxious that I’ll screw up and ruin my original. Because of my anxiety, I rarely follow through with painting and that’s kinda sad. 😦

Like I said, however, I REALLY wanted to colour this image using watercolour. So I decided to be proactive and learn how to make watercolour effects using Photoshop. I found a great tutorial on how to set up textured paper/brushes, etc. Check it out if you’re interested.

I haven’t finished the colouring yet, but I’m pleased with the way it’s turning out. Enjoy the sneak peek!



So, my world fell apart a little yesterday, but I’m back on track (sorry for the lack of post).

As promised, here’s the full image of the watercolour I worked on the other day. Enjoy :>

Water Works

So, those of you who follow my blog will notice that there were no posts this weekend. I think with all the things currently on my plate it would be best if I gave myself a little leeway, so I think i’ll keep to a weekday-only posting schedule from now on. Or, at least, until I’m famous and can quit my day job. 😀

I have non-Flash Pulp project on the table at the moment, and it’s waiting to get coloured. I’ve been thinking that I’d like to use watercolours for this project, but it’s been a verah.long. time. since I’ve used them – so I decided to do some practicing. 🙂

Here’s what came out of that little exercise. I’ll post the full image tomorrow…


I don’t work much with watercolours, but here you go.