I flew all the way here and, boy, are my wings tired…….

So, not unlike a migratory bird flying south to warmer climes, it seems my blog will be moving over to the FlashPulp page. It’s not there yet, but it will be soon


Okay folks, I know it’s been a few days since i’ve posted here. Between Flash Pulp, Skinner Co., and RL, things have been ridiculously busy over the past week or so.

Hoping to have some time to work on projects this weekend. Promise I’ll have something up for you guys soon. </apology>


More Presets Than You Can Shake A Brush At

Set #5 is one of my favourites. It’s called Cloud_Brushes_by_JavierZhX. I believe this was downloaded from FreeBrushes.com, but you can visit his Deviant Art portfolio here.

Skinner Co. #15 – Collared

My Cup Runneth Over…With Brushes

Sample #4 – Suddenly_Spring_brushes_by_gvalkyrie…again, found at FreeBrushes.net. I love the background in this one, especially the light/pollen effect.

Even Moar Candy!

Sample #3 – Paisley Doodles by Mel. I believe I found this set on FreeBrushes.net, too, but you can check out her site over at Mel’s Brushes. Not only does she have brush presets, she also has a bunch of digital scrapbooking material, decoupage images and clip art.

More Candy!

Here’s the next sample! Fog__feathers_and_smoke_by_arrsistable also found at FreeBrushes.net

New Candy!

Hello everyone! I spent a few hours playing around in Photoshop last night. I got myself a few new brush sets and colour pallets. I haven’t really done any work with the pallets yet, but I had a chance to experiment with the new brushes. I made a few test pictures using the various brush sets and I figured I’d post them up here over the next couple of days.

Hope you enjoy the samples!


This first set was Galaxies_bySunira. I found this preset on FreeBrushes.net.

I’ve come down with a touch of MURDER

Guess what I came across today? Concept art for the Murder Plague serial! Enjoy!


Skinner Co #14 – Corporate Heavy Metal

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