What’s Behind Door #1?

Click on it to find out!
I was searching the intertubes for things of interest this morning and I found that image at POE [photographers of etsy]. I only just found this site a while ago but I’m *really* enjoying the photography posted on the site so far. In fact, I think I’d like to work on my own photography sometime in the near future. I haven’t worked with this medium in quite a long time – or at least, not with any artistic aspirations – so it should be fun.

Aside from just thinking it’s a nice photo, though – this is the kind of image that makes me want to learn how to use Flash. Doesn’t that knob look like you could just reach out and turn it? What if you could open that door to somewhere else entirely? JRD insists on crushing my dreams and tells me that Flash can’t really do the job I’m hoping for. But maybe there’s a better program out there? Maybe one day you’ll come back here and find a door to somewhere else just waiting to be opened…