I’ve come down with a touch of MURDER

Guess what I came across today? Concept art for the Murder Plague serial! Enjoy!


Things are being done

Works are being worked on.

Please stand by…


Working On The Next Skinner Co.

I decided to photograph the various stages of creating today’s Skinner Co .

If you’d like to see the whole comic, head over to flashpulp.com

I work with five layers in adobe photoshop.

      • The bottom layer is a white background.
      • The second layer is the text box where I write the memo.
      • Layer three is the the line that separates the comic from the text box and the website/copyright info.
      • The fourth layer is the colour, but only work on this layer when the last layer is done.
      • The top layer is the rough sketch/ink layer. I draw the concept of the comic, then fix up the lines as I go.

Family. Honor. Duty.

Looks like it’s about time for another ASoIaF post!

I drew this with House Tully in mind.

Hearts Are Tough

Most hearts don’t break. They only bend.


This is a little drawing I did of my son Darwin. He’s actually two now, and doesn’t try to bite everything anymore. They grow up so fast *sniffle*

The Eagle Owl Has (Not) Landed

Hi people. I’ve been sick so I haven’t been doing very much in the last few days. Sorry for the pause in posting, but as an apology, please accept this lovely drawing of an owl. Hoot.

Red King

This is the first draft, or rather, the pencil drawing of my new project.

I’d like to get it coloured before too long.


We’ll see how long that takes….


First Sketch In The Book

I’ve been going through my backlog of work and I came across this sketch. It was the first drawing I did my my most recent sketchbook, and, frankly, I’m surprised that I haven’t posted it here already.

They were originally designs for tattoos. J-May asked me to draw her some wings to bring to her tattooist as a reference. The final product ended up being a little more butterfly-y, and less pixie-ish – but they turned out beautifully anyway.┬áThe second image is a tattoo I’d like to get – but haven’t…yet. I particularly like the waves/wind on the side.

Here There Be Dragons

Well, it hasn’t been a week…but this isn’t┬áSTRICTLY ASoIaF related….

other people write about dragons…i suppose….


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