More Presets Than You Can Shake A Brush At

Set #5 is one of my favourites. It’s called Cloud_Brushes_by_JavierZhX. I believe this was downloaded from, but you can visit his Deviant Art portfolio here.

My Cup Runneth Over…With Brushes

Sample #4 – Suddenly_Spring_brushes_by_gvalkyrie…again, found at I love the background in this one, especially the light/pollen effect.

Even Moar Candy!

Sample #3 – Paisley Doodles by Mel. I believe I found this set on, too, but you can check out her site over at Mel’s Brushes. Not only does she have brush presets, she also has a bunch of digital scrapbooking material, decoupage images and clip art.

More Candy!

Here’s the next sample! Fog__feathers_and_smoke_by_arrsistable also found at

New Candy!

Hello everyone! I spent a few hours playing around in Photoshop last night. I got myself a few new brush sets and colour pallets. I haven’t really done any work with the pallets yet, but I had a chance to experiment with the new brushes. I made a few test pictures using the various brush sets and I figured I’d post them up here over the next couple of days.

Hope you enjoy the samples!


This first set was Galaxies_bySunira. I found this preset on

That stuff I was talking about….

I spent some time yesterday working on the Red King. I wanted to paint it using watercolour, but I ended up using Photoshop instead. I get really nervous about painting works that I’m especially proud of. You can’t un-paint something, and I get anxious that I’ll screw up and ruin my original. Because of my anxiety, I rarely follow through with painting and that’s kinda sad. 😦

Like I said, however, I REALLY wanted to colour this image using watercolour. So I decided to be proactive and learn how to make watercolour effects using Photoshop. I found a great tutorial on how to set up textured paper/brushes, etc. Check it out if you’re interested.

I haven’t finished the colouring yet, but I’m pleased with the way it’s turning out. Enjoy the sneak peek!


Working On The Next Skinner Co.

I decided to photograph the various stages of creating today’s Skinner Co .

If you’d like to see the whole comic, head over to

I work with five layers in adobe photoshop.

      • The bottom layer is a white background.
      • The second layer is the text box where I write the memo.
      • Layer three is the the line that separates the comic from the text box and the website/copyright info.
      • The fourth layer is the colour, but only work on this layer when the last layer is done.
      • The top layer is the rough sketch/ink layer. I draw the concept of the comic, then fix up the lines as I go.

Oh Adobe, when will you learn?

My brother-in-law brought some news to my attention today. (Check out the article) It seems that Adobe has decided to stop making the software that allows Apple products to use Flash. Now, I understand that Flash will still be available for people – just not on the i-phone or i-pad (or any Apple products). Personally, I don’t have any Apple products, but my husband uses an i-phone and it is *sweeeet*. I know the android has gotten lots of praise, but i loves me the i-phone and I would practically kill a man for an i-pad. If that means I can’t use or work with Flash…well…that’s just too bad, I guess. There are/will be other Flashy-type-programs out there. (sigh)

So long Flash. We tried to make this work, but I think we’re better off just staying friends.

Apples vs. apples of a different color…

So I was poking about on the intertubes today searching for an alternative to Flash. JRD kindly suggested checking out HTML5, so I looked at a few sites that used it. Alternately, I went looking for some examples of Flash sites.

In the end, while I was only able to find one HTML5 site that I liked, I was able to find several Flash sites that I thoroughly enjoyed navigating. Although I do enjoy aspects of the HTML5 site, I was much more pleased with how I was able to interact with Flash. JRD tells me that Flash is getting old and on it’s way out, but he grudgingly agrees that it would be a good tool for me to start with – as long as I don’t mind leaning something else when it becomes obsolete.

Check out the sites I compared today. The HTML5 site that I deemed worthy of linking here

Eye Styles

And the three sites I felt really got across the feeling of what Flash was capable of –

Moodstream by Getty Images

Dave Werner’s Portfolio

Orisinal : Morning Sunshine

Yeah, they migrate here in the early spring…

Okay, so here’s the deal. I know that this picture isn’t exactly the greatest work of art ever. I just took one image and pasted onto another. Here’s why it’s cool – don’t tell anyone…but I’ve never done this before. Shhhh! So I’m allowed to have a little pride in learning a new technical skill, right?

Besides, I think our yard looks nice with tropical birds. It really detracts from the barren, snow-covered waste look. Thankfully we have some green here now…but there was a time…shudder

As an extra I’d like to leave you with a link to one of my favourite sites – How Stuff Works. It’s an article the oh-so-aptly-named Marshall Brain wrote about how Adobe is planning on adding some new tools to help dumb down Photoshop for us stupid-folk. ;p

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