Poking around the blog this morning I noticed that the post in which I mention that I’d found some of my missing comics…had not been posted. I blame my lack of WordPress experience. Long story short – I couldn’t find the first comics I did for JRD, then I found them, and that owl comic was on of them. There. I think that may excuse my obscure reference to them in the previous blog post.

So anyway, today I’d like to share with you a webcomic-journal by a lady named Erika Moen. JRD introduced me to it about a year ago. I’m kicking myself now for not checking up on it more, though. I *finally* went to bookmark the site the other day only to see that Erika had decided to end the comic. 😦  Boo-urns.

Regardless, though, you should still check out the site. (Click on the image for a link) It’s certainly inspired me and made me realize that not all comics have to be funny. Sometimes they’re just the best way to express what you’re feeling.