November Blackhall

Hey guys, don’t know if this got posted in the Mob or not, but here’s a Blackhall sketch I did many moons ago. It has been given the title November Blackhall because I happen to have done it in November and I thought the name had a certain ring to it.

Flash(3)(P)ulp-(O)h my!

The Blackhall Tales

So I’ve worked on a couple of projects  since my last post, but I’ve actually got a few things to put up here before I show you anything new.

It’s been busy here over the last week and our internet abandoned us last Friday – although we sent out many heartfelt pleas seeking its safe return; its slow and, at best, unreliable service only meekly limped home today. Needless to say, it left me feeling vulnerable and disconnected.
I know I said I would share my 3PO panel with you guys. Mr. Ben Rankle was kind enough to feature it on his site today, and to let me know that he wouldn’t sue me if I posted it here. I encourage everyone to visit the page and tell him how *wonderful* the comic is. I’m pretty thrilled.

I’ve also been tasked with making some new illustrations for JRD’s Flash Pulp short-fiction page. My zombie picture should be making its debut soon, and I’ve done the ground work on a new Blackhall image. It’s still a little rough in its initial stage, but if there’s one thing my grade 6 math teacher drilled into me – it’s to always show your work.

The Last Ghost Story

We just finished recording tonights episode of Flash Pulp. It’s one of the Thomas Blackhall stories, so I figured I’d follow it up with my final draft of the Blackhall illustration.

This image has actually been available on JRD’s site for quite a while, but while tidying up the site the other day I realized that I hadn’t posted the finished project. So here you are. Blackhall completed.

Vampire Hunter B

Today I did some work on the Thomas Blackhall picture. JRD is hoping to post the story on his site soon so I have to kick it into gear. I will definitely post a link to his site again when he publishes the story. I’m pretty excited about reading it, too.

So I took the original Blackhall sketch and I did a second draft. It’s been changed a bit to suit what I feel the character would be like. It’s a little less cowboy-y and a little more…well…I dunno. I can’t explain. This draft says to me “I am here to slay your vampires”. I don’t know if that’s really what Thomas Blackhall’s into, but it’s certainly a good look for him.

Doctor says I need a backiotomy

I’m feeling a little tired and a little guilty today. I’ve got a case of what my husband calls “The Sims”. Symptoms include trouble sleeping, forgetfulness, lack of interest in everyday activities, reduced appetite, and a severe drop in productivity. The doctors say there’s a treatment that could help, but it will require a great deal of willpower.

I haven’t done any sketching today, but I’d like to share with you a rough draft I did yesterday for some story illustrations I’m doing for JRD. He’s asked me to come up with some small line drawings to put in the page breaks of his current writing project. This is the first of them. Still just a rough draft, but I think it’s coming along nicely.