Family. Honor. Duty.

Looks like it’s about time for another ASoIaF post!

I drew this with House Tully in mind.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the…hedge?

JRD recently got me copies of the Hedge Knight, The Sworn Sword, and The Mystery Knight graphic novels. *swoon*

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about <!> – these are the short stories written by George RR Martin about Dunk & Egg (prequels to ASoIaF, if you will).

I’ve finished reading The Hedge Knight, and am about halfway through The Sworn Sword. The artwork is fantastic. It’s done by the Dable Brothers, who happen to have also put out the Wheel of Time: New Spring comic, which was similarly amazing.

Anyone who follows me has probably picked up on my love of birds, so it will be no surprise that my two favourite images in The Hedge Knight are avian. :>

Allow me to share my love

The image to the left has a special place in my heart, however, as I’ve always pictured the Opopanax as being a bird with blue and red plumage much like this one, but more similar in size to a peacock.

Here There Be Dragons

Well, it hasn’t been a week…but this isn’t STRICTLY ASoIaF related….

other people write about dragons…i suppose….


Is This Becoming a Thing?

It’s been over a week again since I’ve posted anything ASoIaF related. I have noticed this becoming a weekly mantra, however. ;D


These are just some random doodles I did in my sketch book. I suppose I could argue that the silhouette could be anyone, but it’s not. It’s Sandor. ~O.o~

As for the heraldry, I can’t remember if he ever has his sigil described in the books, but this is what I’ve always pictured for Davos Seaworth – a ship sailing into harbour under the cloak of darkness. Fitting.


Hounds & Wolves

So, one of my online acquaintances who just happens to love A Song of Ice and Fire (and namely The Hound) as much as I do recently had a birthday. So as a present, I drew her a little something…


Sandor, The Barbarian Hound

It’s been over a week since I posted anything about A Song of Ice and Fire. Ten whole days. I’m impressed with myself.

That being said, check out this fanart! ~O.o~

I’m trying to impove the way I draw bodies, so I’ve been studying the art in the old Conan The Barbarian comics. I mean, that guy barely ever wears more than a pair of furry underpants and a big sword.


Hey, since we’re already talking about it…

So, yesterday I posted my Fallout Westeros pic, today I have another ASoIaF doodle for you that just happens to be of my favourite pairing.

You can’t ignore the Bromance between Sandor & Stranger. (er…not the creepy kind, though)


I love that they both have shifty eyes ❤

Only sorta kinda embarrassed about this…

Eh…so anyone who knows me knows how I loves me some Song of Ice and Fire. I never been much for joining fandoms, but I have to admit I’ve been suckered in. Someone out there in the inter-nether requested a Fallout/Westeros crossover, and embarrassingly, I actually found myself sketching it out.

So here’s my dirty fandom secret: Sansa & The Hound: Fallout style!