Character Sketches 2

The yesterday’s pictures of Mulligan & Billy were how I see them in comic form. It’s harder for me to draw them more realistically, but these are my best efforts yet.

Character Sketches

Here’re some more character sketches I did for Flash Pulp. I know these have been posted in the Facebook group, but I’ll take any reason to give Mulligan a little love.

Smith & Wesson Winnipeg


Not a very productive day for me today. I have a few things floating around in my head, but I don’t have the focus necessary to complete the task of putting it all on paper. Hence the bwah-bwah sound effect.

Others around me have been much more productive, however. JRD has completed the second Mulligan Smith story and has it posted on his site. (Check it out here)

Jessica May from Maytunes was again put up to the task of editing the audio version, but she succeeded brilliantly and managed to make the audio even better than it was before (despite having next to no equipment and an amateur reader). Not too shabby! 😉

JRD should have a new story posted on Friday. I’ve got to get my butt into gear and get an illustration done for him. I’ve got a few more (very) rough Mulligan sketches done, but this one will require something different – something…creepier???


Today marks the completion of JRD’s first installment of his Mulligan Smith flash fiction series. He hounded me relentlessly until I got his icon done for him, but by quarter to midnight last night I was *quite done* with the whole operation, despite not having the boarder for the image complete. So this morning JRD helped me out with the cutting and pasting and overall putting-together of the two images (sketch & boarder).

By the time this entry gets posted JRD should have the story posted on his site and I advise everyone to go over and read it / listen to the audio version. But while you’re here, enjoy a peek at the illustration – before and after.