‘Till Kar’Wick Rises

Hey there folks!

A¬†few Flash Casts back I mentioned that I was working on a new Kar’Wick – and here it is!


I would love to get a t-shirt printed of this. Or maybe in red as opposed to black? Who would be interested in getting t-shirts if they were available?

The Zombie King

How did I go so long without posting this on here?!


Again, not the best scan and no ink, but here’s my favourite character sketch of Macbeth from the Joe Monk serial

The Glorious

Remember a while back I said I was thinking of t-shirt designs? I want this embroidered on a polo shirt.

Collective Detective

As you guys probably have realized, the Collective Detective has no serial image. I drew a rough-ish sketch out for it a while ago, but I’ve had second thoughts about what the image is going to be.

This was my original attempt…

It didn’t scan as nicely as I would have liked and it’s not inked so it’s a little difficult to see all the lines, but you get the idea.

Skinner Co.

This is old news, but like I’ve said before, there are many orphaned sketches of mine out there that are desperately seeking a home.

This is the first Skinner Co sketch. It’s not related to the comics (which I will be posting up here as well), but it’s the first work I did with the Skinner Co name on it.

Character Sketches 2

The yesterday’s pictures of Mulligan & Billy were how I see them in comic form. It’s harder for me to draw them more realistically, but these are my best efforts yet.

Character Sketches

Here’re some more character sketches I did for Flash Pulp. I know these have been posted in the Facebook group, but I’ll take any reason to give Mulligan a little love.

Smith & Wesson Winnipeg

November Blackhall

Hey guys, don’t know if this got posted in the Mob or not, but here’s a Blackhall sketch I did many moons ago. It has been given the title November Blackhall because I happen to have done it in November and I thought the name had a certain ring to it.

Flash Pulp Crest

I posted this in the Mob a while ago, but I figured it should have a home here, too. Kudos if you can figure out each serial’s representation on the crest.

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