Cameo Appearance

With special guest star…

No, just kidding. Really, I just drew a little cameo picture (with J-May in mind, as she is the very epitome of Lady)



Not a very productive day for me today. I have a few things floating around in my head, but I don’t have the focus necessary to complete the task of putting it all on paper. Hence the bwah-bwah sound effect.

Others around me have been much more productive, however. JRD has completed the second Mulligan Smith story and has it posted on his site. (Check it out here)

Jessica May from Maytunes was again put up to the task of editing the audio version, but she succeeded brilliantly and managed to make the audio even better than it was before (despite having next to no equipment and an amateur reader). Not too shabby! 😉

JRD should have a new story posted on Friday. I’ve got to get my butt into gear and get an illustration done for him. I’ve got a few more (very) rough Mulligan sketches done, but this one will require something different – something…creepier???

I call this one â€œAddiction”

My, aren’t our little ones clever.

There’s Nothing To Draw!

’nuff said

Floating Heads

So I promised I’d put up some work today. I have a few small cartoon renderings of people that I’ve been working at on and off for the last few days. Initially, my husband (JRD Skinner – the brilliant writer of blog of fiction) had asked me to create a comic avatar for him. Once that was completed, he requested that I make one for our lovely wife, May (of Maytunes). I figured I may as well make one for myself, too, so I got down to sketching.

After a conference with my models and a slight readjustment to May’s comic hair, everything seems to be in order. The sketchs I’m posting are the rough drafts of the comics I did of May & I. I have to admit that I kinda cheated when doing the sketch of Mr. Skinner. I drew that piece using his tablet laptop and photoshop, so i don’t have a rough draft to show you of that one.
Really, I had been hoping to fiddle with both of these images before posting them here, but I just don’t think it’s in the cards for today. Besides, now you can all be impressed when I get it touched up in photoshop and it looks much nicer.