My Many Faces

I’ve gotten quite the collection of avatars over the last year. I’ve also noted that birds have mostly been a common theme. JRD & J-May like to joke that I’m as fragile as a glass butterfly, but I prefer to think of myself as being delicate like a bird (ka-KAW!).

These have been my most frequently used self-representaions lately. I drew the sad-face owl, but the other ones are just peectures I adore.

Vivanco Frog

A while back I was looking for some new images to make into a desktop background for my mac. I came across some work by artist Kelly Vivanco, whom I encourage you all to go check out and buy lots of stuff from (and send it all to meeee!). I absolutely love ALL her work and wish I could surround myself with it at all times. In tribute; my Kelly Vivanco Frog….