Apples vs. apples of a different color…

So I was poking about on the intertubes today searching for an alternative to Flash. JRD kindly suggested checking out HTML5, so I looked at a few sites that used it. Alternately, I went looking for some examples of Flash sites.

In the end, while I was only able to find one HTML5 site that I liked, I was able to find several Flash sites that I thoroughly enjoyed navigating. Although I do enjoy aspects of the HTML5 site, I was much more pleased with how I was able to interact with Flash. JRD tells me that Flash is getting old and on it’s way out, but he grudgingly agrees that it would be a good tool for me to start with – as long as I don’t mind leaning something else when it becomes¬†obsolete.

Check out the sites I compared today. The HTML5 site that I deemed worthy of linking here

Eye Styles

And the three sites I felt really got across the feeling of what Flash was capable of¬†–

Moodstream by Getty Images

Dave Werner’s Portfolio

Orisinal : Morning Sunshine