I have tiny feet

This is a sketch I did the other night while sitting on the couch in JRD’s office.

It was very late at night, and tired as we were, this was as much effort as we were able to make affection-wise.

Toe cuddles.


Still Feudal, Less Angry…

I’m hoping JRD likes this head better. It’s still pretty feudal, but a little less angry.

Maybe it’s because he doesn’t walk the path of Meifumado.

I hear it can be rough.

Floating Head #…? What number are we on?

As promised, I have scanned my new floating head for JRD.

Hope it’s feudal enough for him.

It’s Raining Again

It’s been wet here all day, but the rain can’t dispel my good mood. Our internet was on sick leave last night, so I spent some time working on a little project for JRD, which I hope to post here tomorrow.
He’s still looking for an image to use as his avatar, and I’ve had a few failed attempts already. He wanted something more feudal. Yes, feudal. So for inspiration I looked towards the work of Kazuo Koike in his “Lone Wolf and Cub” series.
I’ve read through the first few books and I’m really enjoying the artwork. Also, having loved Ranma 1/2 in my earlier years – I’m a fan of anyone who helped Rumiko Takahashi get where she is. But if feudal Japanese clan wars don’t interest you (how could they not?!), then be sure to check out Kazuo’s  alternate manga, “Crying Freeman” – which is equally good.

Flash(3)(P)ulp-(O)h my!

The Blackhall Tales

So I’ve worked on a couple of projects  since my last post, but I’ve actually got a few things to put up here before I show you anything new.

It’s been busy here over the last week and our internet abandoned us last Friday – although we sent out many heartfelt pleas seeking its safe return; its slow and, at best, unreliable service only meekly limped home today. Needless to say, it left me feeling vulnerable and disconnected.
I know I said I would share my 3PO panel with you guys. Mr. Ben Rankle was kind enough to feature it on his site today, and to let me know that he wouldn’t sue me if I posted it here. I encourage everyone to visit the page and tell him how *wonderful* the comic is. I’m pretty thrilled.

I’ve also been tasked with making some new illustrations for JRD’s Flash Pulp short-fiction page. My zombie picture should be making its debut soon, and I’ve done the ground work on a new Blackhall image. It’s still a little rough in its initial stage, but if there’s one thing my grade 6 math teacher drilled into me – it’s to always show your work.

Random Head

JRD has hijacked my agenda. Not that mind, however. It gives me something to do.

He promoted my site in a recent episode of Flash Pulp, but in doing so also gave me an unspoken challenge. Rather than plainly trying to sabotage my narration with tongue twisters (as he has wont to do on previous occasions),  he basically strung together a nonsensical series of words in the hopes that they would arouse some sort of inspiration in me and prompt me into making a piece solely in response to the ad.  A dastardly act of cunning, as he knew I would be unable to resist the provocation.

I have indeed sketched something inspired by the crazy disconcerted remark (“A rainbow nightmare filtered through the storming rage of a feral teddy bear.“- for those of you who didn’t hear it), but it lacks colour and definition at the moment and will have to be posted at a later date.

Instead, let me leave you with another little project I’ve done for my beloved.
He recently asked me to make him a new avatar – less comic-y than the last image, but not “too” realistic.

Here’s what I came up with.

This is not just filler

Tonight J-May, JRD & I will be posting the continuation of last Monday’s Blackhall tale on the Flash Pulp page.  Since I posted the finished Blackhall illustration in my last post, though, I figured I’d give you a different illustration tonight.

This is the image I made for JRD’s Science Fiction tales. I believe it’s only been used for one story as of yet; our thirteenth episode, Say It Ain’t So. If you haven’t heard it already I suggest you click on the link and go check it out.

As a note, this was the first illustration for Flash Pulp done in colour. Well, not colour, but not strictly black and white, either. There’s some different shades of gray in there, too.

I still have a few more illustrations that I’ve done for JRD that haven’t made it up on the site yet – Hopefully I’ll get this place up to date soon. 🙂

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