It’s Raining Again

It’s been wet here all day, but the rain can’t dispel my good mood. Our internet was on sick leave last night, so I spent some time working on a little project for JRD, which I hope to post here tomorrow.
He’s still looking for an image to use as his avatar, and I’ve had a few failed attempts already. He wanted something more feudal. Yes, feudal. So for inspiration I looked towards the work of Kazuo Koike in his “Lone Wolf and Cub” series.
I’ve read through the first few books and I’m really enjoying the artwork. Also, having loved Ranma 1/2 in my earlier years – I’m a fan of anyone who helped Rumiko Takahashi get where she is. But if feudal Japanese clan wars don’t interest you (how could they not?!), then be sure to check out Kazuo’s  alternate manga, “Crying Freeman” – which is equally good.

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