Private Eye

I did a sketch of a detective a little while ago. It’s not much, and it doesn’t really represent anything – this is certainly not what I would picture Mulligan like…but I still really dig it. It gives me an ‘old time-y’ feeling.

Is This Becoming a Thing?

It’s been over a week again since I’ve posted anything ASoIaF related. I have noticed this becoming a weekly mantra, however. ;D


These are just some random doodles I did in my sketch book. I suppose I could argue that the silhouette could be anyone, but it’s not. It’s Sandor. ~O.o~

As for the heraldry, I can’t remember if he ever has his sigil described in the books, but this is what I’ve always pictured for Davos Seaworth – a ship sailing into harbour under the cloak of darkness. Fitting.


From the Fuuuutuuure!

I think that every time I think of Time Traveller Rich. the fuuuutuuuure!

A little while back I decided to come up with an illustration for our resident time traveller. This is what I came up with. I sort of think of it as a badge of office. Time Traveller Rich: Chief Chrononaut of Skinner Co.’s Chrono Division!

I’d still like to ink and colour it, and when I get it done I’ll be sure to post an update.

Hounds & Wolves

So, one of my online acquaintances who just happens to love A Song of Ice and Fire (and namely The Hound) as much as I do recently had a birthday. So as a present, I drew her a little something…


Sandor, The Barbarian Hound

It’s been over a week since I posted anything about A Song of Ice and Fire. Ten whole days. I’m impressed with myself.

That being said, check out this fanart! ~O.o~

I’m trying to impove the way I draw bodies, so I’ve been studying the art in the old Conan The Barbarian comics. I mean, that guy barely ever wears more than a pair of furry underpants and a big sword.


The Zombie King

How did I go so long without posting this on here?!

Kraftwerk Macaroni & Cheese

As you can see by the date, I drew this comic a while ago. I was inspired by the 9’s (who weren’t actually nine at the time….)


Again, not the best scan and no ink, but here’s my favourite character sketch of Macbeth from the Joe Monk serial

Just One More Thing….

My grandfather constantly watched Columbo. I didn’t pay much attention, but sometimes I get nostalgic.


The Scales of Canadian Justice

The Sketchy Scales of Justice

At least they balance in my favour

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