The Glorious

Remember a while back I said I was thinking of t-shirt designs? I want this embroidered on a polo shirt.

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  1. Richard Jefferson
    Feb 02, 2012 @ 13:09:16

    You know, my wife runs her own small embroidery business out of the house. I *could* possibly make that happen for very reasonable (maybe nothing) if you’re really interested.


  2. Richard Jefferson
    Feb 03, 2012 @ 15:10:01

    Well, the big expense is the digitizing. That’s usually $100/per design and comes with a couple sample stitches to approve. The actually embroidery is usually $5-9/item plus the cost of the item it’s going on.

    The real work for YOU is the image. She’d need either a high-res JPEG of the image with nice clean lines to make the digitizing go smoother. Or even better yet, if you can re-do it in a raster graphics program (I’ll to check the exact formats she uses but the engine for the program is essentially Corel Draw) it will import with less fuss.

    If you’re OK not getting proofs, I think she’ll skip the digitizing fee for me. She’s not doing a lot of work right now so that’s a plus. I’ll PM you her website too so you can have a look – she mostly does baby gifts. It feel spammy putting it in the comments.


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