Practice Targets and Pedro The Cowboy

It’s getting late and it’s been a long day. I’m pretty tired, but before I get to bed, let me share with you my not-so-artistic-but-creative project of the day – practice targets!

JRD got himself a new toy to play with and he asked me if I could conjure him up some targets. I thought our son might enjoy painting with me, so I employed his help on the project, too. He’s been watching his dad play some video games recently and he drew some of the enemies from said game for us to practice shooting. I drew a few bullseyes and, just to change it up, a person-shaped target. With the person-shaped target I got our son to lie down on the board and I traced around him. Then I made all the porportions a little bigger ’cause I felt kinda bad about making a child-sized target. Initially I was just going to paint the person black, but JRD asked me to put a mean face on it, so I figured if I was putting a face on it I had to make the rest of it look like a person, too.

Then I decided it would be a cowboy. Named Pedro.

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